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Nice to meet sweet sister, Audrey. She is so gentle to her newborn bro Aidan.

This is too beautiful and precious for them when they growing up, also a ture gifted moment for parents to fill up their heart.



Our hands when smoothing newborn Aidan


This is a home session with little 10 days new bro and 2 year old sister last week.

This 7.2 pound little baby is perfect for newborn photo shooting, since he slept so well and chubby(photogenic)! We carry porps and lighting to customers’ home to make the shoot perfect! All photo are done in natural and timeless color retouching.


Taking photos for kids and their younger siblings is always heart tugging. These babies and kids are so innocent and as pure as angels. Look at those expressions of the kids, the happiness is reflecting their true kindness & love on their newly borned siblings.

We love to capture these priceless moments with our camera. Be aware, the suitable time period for newborn photography is very short, it is merely within 2 weeks after they come to this world since they are growing and learning fast! If you miss this moment, you will never have another chance because babies start moving and developing tempers afterwards, curly pose / sleeping in props is hard to achieve afterwards.

To help you preserve the priceless moment for your newborn babies, we accept booking once you received your EDD from you doctor.

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